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Just for fun and friendship many of us, along with friends and family, went to the movies followed by a wonderful Persian meal on New Years Day. 

Royal Wedding: We Enjoyed Ourselves! In May, just for fun, members got together to view the royal wedding and for tea, lemon, elderberry cake and champagne toasts!

Holiday Celebration

The Women’s March: January 21, 2017
We Were There

There were three of us from the North Fulton AAUW Branch, who arrived at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. None of us had done this before. The surprise was how many others, 60,000 others in fact, old, middle aged, young, women, men, children, black, white, brown, who were there with us.!

We marched, read signs, read tee shirts, chanted slogans, and talked to others about why we came to the Women’s March. Their reasons reflected our reasons: protecting women’s rights, healthcare, the environment, education, voting rights, LGBT rights, immigration, human rights. Just being with so many people who share similar beliefs is uplifting and powerful.

The day was exciting and inspiring. At the end of the March, each of us said ” I am so glad I did this.” Here is our picture!

Linda, Bonnie, Lu – North Fulton Branch